AAX Multi-wallet – A New Way To Manage Your Assets on AAX

AAX has launched a new multi-wallet feature that allows users to track separate funds for activities on the exchange. In this article, we explore how the AAX multi-wallet interface works.

The new wallet interface helps users to better organize and manage all their funds on AAX in one dashboard. The multi-wallet feature is very useful for traders who take advantage of the platform’s different trading activities.

For instance, if you trade on the spot market and futures market, you will want to manage funds for each market separately.

The new wallet dashboard consists of different wallets that include: Spot Account, Futures Account, Fiat Account, AAX Vault, and AAB Reward.

Here is a breakdown of each wallet

Spot account: Funds in this account include deposits that can be used for spot trading. Funds can also be withdrawn to external wallets.

Futures account: Funds can be used for trading futures contracts.

Fiat account: Funds in the wallet support OTC transactions and Fast Buy.

AAX Vault account: Funds used for AAX savings can be found in this wallet.

AAX Reward account: Records of rewards received and used from the AAB rewards.

All the wallets support internal transfers from and to other wallets except the AAB Reward wallet. Also, you can find a summary of your total balance on AAX in the overview tab.

How to transfer funds from one wallet to another

In this example, we will transfer AAB tokens from the Spot wallet to the Futures wallet. To do this, we need to visit the Spot wallet and click the ‘Transfer’ button at the top right corner of the page.

A pop-up window will appear that lets you select the token and destination of the transfer. Since we are transferring ABB to the Futures wallet, we will choose AAB in the coin tab and Futures Account in the To tab.

Finally, you have to enter the amount and click on ‘Confirm.’ The transfer will happen immediately. 



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