Adjusting your leverage (raising the margin)

When trading with leverage, there are different margin options you can choose from. In this tutorial, you will learn how to adjust your leverage when trading on AAX.

You can raise or decrease the margin when trading futures on AAX. The minimum leverage on AAX is 1x, and 100x is the maximum. The maximum leverage differs for every futures contract. 

How To Adjust Your Leverage On AAX

Adjusting your leverage or raising the margin on AAX is very simple due to the intuitive and easy to use interface. In this example, we will use USDT settled futures and the ETH/USD pair. 

To use leverage on AAX, open the AAX website, hover on the ‘Futures’ tab at the top of the site, and select USDT settled futures. Select ETH/USD or the trading pair of your choice.

For example, if you want to purchase an ETH/USD futures contract worth 26.40 USD, you will have to enter ’10’ in the contracts section under the ‘Place an Order’ tab.

You can now set your leverage. You can choose between 1x to 50x for the ETH/USD futures contract on AAX. To adjust the margin, use the slider in the ‘Your Position’ section to move from 1x to 50x.

Every time you adjust the leverage by raising the margin or reducing it, you will receive a prompt on the trading interface to indicate that changes have been made.

The maximum leverage varies for every contract; BTC futures contracts can be traded with 100x leverage.

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