GameFi Decrypted: My Neighbor Alice & ALICE

Crypto-based games have long been considered the catalyst for mainstream adoption, as millions of users would be interacting with blockchain technology perhaps without even fully realizing it. Many projects have tried, and few have so far succeeded where others have failed, with Decentraland and Axie Infinity the most recent examples of hugely popular games, which are created with the support of different platforms, starting with Gitcoin, for example.

They may soon face some serious competition from an innocent little girl named Alice. Alice? Who…? Or rather, the highly anticipated game My Neighbor Alice (MNA), set to launch in early 2022.

What is My Neighbor Alice?

MNA is a new multiplayer game with classical build-your-own-world elements similar to Decentraland. The game’s universe is centered around the Lummelunda archipelago, a set of islands on which anybody can buy plots of land to develop and fill with their own creations.

The archipelago consists of following key islands:

  • Lummested: The main town at the center of the map
  • Medieval Plains: Rolling hills of low vegetation
  • Snowflake Island: Steeped with fairy magic
  • Nature’s Rest: Ancient forest, home to Bjorn the Bear
  • Sandy Coast: Tropical atolls similar to the Seychelles
  • Submerged Islands: Land of mystery, shipwrecks, high waves, and lost treasures. Pirates abound. Prepare accordingly.

The open-world format allows players to travel across the islands to interact and socialize with other players and in-game characters. The islands are divided into individual plots of land, which will be distributed amongst early sign-ups using a lottery-based system. Each plot of land is represented by an NFT, which can be sold and traded, and allows users to add decorations or change the terrain to personalize their own patch of Alice land.

The game is being developed by Antler Interactive, a mobile and VR-oriented game studio with popular titles under its belt including Krystopia and SVRVIVE: The Deus Helix. While the official launch date is scheduled for spring 2022, players eager to get a taste of the game can participate in an open playtest of a pre-alpha version during September 2021.

The test only includes the core gameplay and does not feature DeFi related features, with Lummestad as the only available location.

The ALICE token

ALICE is the native governance token for the game, launched on the Binance Launchpool in March 2021. It has several in-game uses such as purchasing plots of land and in-game items. MNA is advertised as a ‘play-to-earn’ game, and for its players to earn, they must participate in different in-game events such as competitions or sell rare NFTs acquired from the game – this concept is similar to how NFTs are used in Alien Worlds

In-game assets in MNA represented by NFTs vary in rarity, are fully owned by the player, and are tradable on dedicated marketplaces. For example, a rare plant asset is attainable to players level 15 and up, and because of its rarity, it could fetch a high price on the marketplace, which encourages players to increase their own experience points just to have a shot for that rare asset.

Next to direct in-game uses, ALICE is also used for decentralized governance of the protocol in a process that makes the use of revenue, game development, and growth completely interactive between developers and player community. Other DeFi features are also included such as enabling players to stake their in-game ALICE tokens to earn yield. MNA will offer NFT collateral which ensures the value of the NFTS over time and NFT rentals which means players could rent out land for example and earn interest.

Decentralized gaming is taking off

Besides the appeal of earning money while playing games, MNA is set to become a key contributor towards making blockchain-based projects more fun and approachable for all demographics. Players of My Neighbor Alice can take part in a decentralized, community-run game, creating and trading NFTs without even knowing what an NFT actually is. 

This non-tech friendly approach to the introduction of crypto-economics has already proven very successful for other projects. In particular, Axie Infinity has spread like wildfire in the Philippines making it the game’s biggest market. It has become a leading game in the emerging play-to-earn movement, where players of blockchain games can earn yield in the form of tokens or other rewards. In the past 30 days alone, AXS has gone up 96% at a steady pace as the game expands its reach.

My Neighbor Alice, with its high-quality and colorful designs, will no doubt quickly build up a user base set to rival Axie Infinity.

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