DeFi Decrypted: Reef Finance & REEF token

Over the past few months, DeFi has expanded rapidly with more and more projects going live offering new decentralised financial products to more people. While the developments are exciting, the vast array of financial services across multiple decentralized apps is becoming increasingly complex making further adoption of DeFi a lot harder than it needs to be.

When you dip your toes for the first time in the deep pools of decentralized finance, you will quickly be washed over by the many different apps vying for attention, all speaking a language that is at once technical and whimsical. As a newcomer, you need a solid starting point to figure what DeFi is about and what seems most interesting to you.

That is what Reef Finance offers: an easy and intuitive way for anyone to dive into DeFi and capitalize on the most exciting opportunities in the crypto space.

About Reef Finance

Reef Finance was established in 2019 by Denko Mancheski. The project was launched on Polkadot in September 2020 and on the Binance Launchpool shortly after, making the REEF token available on the Binance Smart Chain. The project has since integrated with additional blockchain ecosystems including Avalanche and Cosmos, giving users multi-chain exposure across DeFi.

Reef offers users an all-in-one interface for DeFi across the top protocols, all accessible in a single easy to use app. Instead of jumping between protocols and figuring out how to maintain an effective overview of all assets across apps, Reef aggregates liquidity from multiple sources to enable popular DeFi features such as staking, borrowing, lending, trading, and swapping.

Catering to those new to DeFi, Reef takes a ‘set and forget’ approach to all things DeFi, making it easy to maximize and automate yields with an AI-driven smart yield engine. Furthermore, yield can be generated in line with difference categories of risk that best meet your financial goals and risk appetite. Combining multi-chain yields, liquidity aggregation and cross-chain integrations, Reef aims to be the preferred personalized crypto investment platform for everyone and all things DeFi.

Lastly, Reef is powered by Polkadot and by extension shares the same robust security structure as the Polkadot ecosystem.

3 Major Components of Reef

Global Liquidity Aggregator

Reef offers exchange services tapped into multiple trading platforms, uniquely aggregating liquidity from both centralized exchanges and DEXs operating in DeFi such as UniSwap, Airswap, Kyber Network, Bancor and more. The centralized liquidity is access through brokerage services such as Caspian, and the decentralized liquidity comes from on-chain order books and AMMs. This way, users can hedge the downsides of the two types of liquidity sources, like high trading fees and slippage, while also protecting users from market manipulation and front-running attacks.

Smart Yield Farming Aggregator

Users can easily stake in multiple asset baskets which is automated with an AI-driven engine. After you decide how much to allocate to each basket in line with your risk appetite, the AI configures the best strategy for you, and automatically rebalances allocations to maintain the appropriate distribution of assets. There are five features to the Smart Yield Engine including staking, liquidity farming, multi-asset support, insurance coverage, and integration compatibility.

This is especially helpful to newcomers as figuring out the best strategy can get tricky when you are dealing with multiple protocols and fluctuating interest rates.

The Intelligence Engine

The Reef Intelligence Engine is an off-chain oracle sourcing data for the on-chain DeFi proxy smart contract. The Intelligence Engine monitors relevant financial data in real-time, including asset price, on-chain data, and liquidity pool activity. This information is then used to update the criterion of risk-reward models. In turn, micro-adjustments are made in the Smart Yield Engine, rebalancing the baskets of financial assets.

The REEF Token

Reef Finance raised $3.9 million during a private sale of REEF tokens in September 2020, with the token available for public trading since December gaining ground from $0.02792 to $0.03723.

REEF is used for decentralized governance of the Reef Finance protocol. Using the token, members of the community can vote on proposals pertaining to parameter changes within the protocol, elect the Technical Council that oversees Reef chain upgrades, and earn rewards for participating in governance.

Reef Finance is built by a talented team and supported by an engaged community. With a growing number of partnerships, promotions, and integrations, Reef Finance is well-positioned to become the preferred interface to the full world of DeFi offering newcomers an easy way in, and crypto veterans a smarter way to tap into multiple protocols to gain maximum yield.

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