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AAX London Stock Exchange

What’s so special about AAX’s matching engine?

If you’re a long term investor, you may be less concerned with the speed of an exchange as much as you would be with liquidity. But if you’re into day or swing trading, or if you’re exposed to highly volatile assets – such as crypto – the speed with which orders are matched...

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AAX crypto

What are the different types of cryptocurrencies?

The simple separation between Bitcoin and altcoins no longer works to accurately capture an economy that has become so much more complex and versatile compared to ten years ago.  Now, when we talk about crypto, we use a wide variety of terms – digital assets, security tokens...

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AAX Arbitrage

What is arbitrage trading?

As you must have noticed already, the price of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) is not always the exact same across different exchanges. Taking advantage of these price differences is one way to engage in arbitrage trading. Simply put, arbitrage is a trading strategy that...

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aax bitcoin leverage

What is Bitcoin leverage trading?

Trading with leverage, also known as margin trading, can be a powerful way to engage the crypto market, as it offers a very specific set of advantages. What are the advantages of trading with leverage? First, even if you don’t have much capital to enter the market with, on AAX you can...

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Bitcoin wealth protection AAX

Protecting your wealth with Bitcoin

Whereas investment is primarily about making money, it is equally important to have investment plans in place to make sure you don’t lose that money.* This is not simply about locking your money up in a vault, but about coming up with a sound strategy to spread risk. And the two keywords...

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