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The Nigerian crypto economy and Bitcoin Sales in Nigeria

Cryptocurrency investors have been active in Nigeria since around 2015. For the most part, however, crypto was associated with “Ponzi-schemes” and “internet fraud.” Also, until recently, the government has held a rather cautious stance towards cryptocurrency activities in the country...

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Want to earn some extra crypto? Learn about Friend Referrals

So you’re trading on AAX, why not earn some extra crypto on the side? It’s easy. If you refer your friends to open an account with AAX, you can earn up to 20% in commission on every trade they make. Here’s how you can do it: Step 1 First, on your desktop head over the right top corner and...

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Is Brexit good for crypto?

Since the 2016 referendum when UK citizens decided to leave the EU, Brexit has been continuously covered by mainstream media outlets as one of the hottest topics in Europe.  Brexit is a controversial topic that has divided the UK’s population. Lawmakers have been struggling to...

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How to buy Bitcoin in South Korea

According to an aggregated volume data website listing 26 leading cryptocurrency exchanges, South Korea is ranked the 4th largest trader in Bitcoin. Even more, South Korea was initially ranked number 3, prior to the cryptocurrency price plunge of 2018 and the implementation of several...

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What are security tokens?

2017 was clearly the year of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Investors were flowing to the cryptocurrency market, while startups raised a record amount of funds for their projects. However, while ICOs allowed crypto projects to raise funds by offering their tokens for sale directly to...

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