How to buy Bitcoin with EUR, GBP, HKD, USD or JPY?

In addition to our OTC trading desk, we have now opened our Fast Buy trading desk where we will be adding more and more payment gateways that make it easy to BUY and SELL crypto for fiat.

In this post, we explain how you can buy Bitcoin with EUR, GBP, HKD, USD and JPY on AAX, using Epay as the payment service provider.

Please note, you will need to open a separate account with Epay. 

Step 1: If you’re using AAX on your desktop, go to the top left corner and under Buy Crypto, go to Fast Buy. (Purchasing crypto via Epay is not yet available on the AAX App).

Step 2: Enter the amount and type of cryptocurrency on the Fast Buy page, click the Buy button to purchase the coins. (Please allow pop-up new window on the browser)

Order limits

  • USD:100-2500
  • HKD:800-20000
  • EUR:100-2500
  • GBP:100-2500
  • JPY:10000-250000

Step 3: Click the button on the pop-up window within 30 seconds after confirming the exchange rate

Step 4: You will automatically be directed to the Epay official website for payment. Log in to your EPay account after confirming the order amount and name of payee

Step 5: Enter your payment password and 2FA code to complete the payment

Step 6: Transaction successful, check out the updated balance on your AAX account 


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