Quick Guide to buying and selling crypto for fiat on AAX

If you want to learn how to buy or sell cryptocurrency in exchange for fiat on AAX’s OTC platform, this guide is for you.

A simple overview of the OTC on the AAX app

How to place an order on AAX’s OTC?

Step 1
Select the currency and fill in the amount you want to order, or select the offer that meets your needs.

Step 2
Once you’ve placed your order, you can find the details on the next page. It is crucial that you make your payment within 15 minutes – otherwise, your order will be canceled.

On this page, you can also contact the merchant you’re trading with.

Step 3
Once you’ve made your payment, please re-confirm that you have paid.

Step 4
After you’ve paid and confirmed, you can check your order details again. If a problem arises, you can click ‘Dispute’. Once the transaction is completed, you will be led to a final confirmation page.

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