Solana Summer: Samoyedcoin (SAMO) ~ more than just a meme

Samoyedcoin is a project that aims to be a Solana Ambassador. Apart from helping with onboarding new people onto Solana, the goal is to build solutions that help existing projects building in the ecosystem. Samoyedcoin is nurturing the culture of open source and collaborations.

All of the released solutions like the Airdrop toolset and the Tipping app have been released for everyone to use, customise and have fun with. Samoyedcoin also demonstrates best practices when it comes to tokenomics. Multiple wallets were created for specific purposes to have fully transparent token movements. Excess funds, including team tokens, have been locked.

Samoyed started as a memecoin, and was by nature designed to spread among the community quickly and with ease. Being the first and the largest Memecoin on Solana, project Samoyedcoin is leading the pack by adoption rate and volume.

Samoyedcoin is preparing a crypto academy that will aim to provide educational content around decentralized finance and the Solana Network, making it easy for newcomers to enter the ecosystem, but also to help introduce rust to interested developers and jumpstart their Solana adventure.

The first stage of the online academy platform will be deployed in July, alongside the new Samoyedcoin website launch. 

The SAMO Token

Released in April 2021, SAMO had one of the most successful launches on the Solana Network. The token was airdropped to the community and the price that formed was 100% organic since there was no private sale of any kind.

The token price soared on the May ATH run. The global market selloff impacted the momentum that was briefly regained in June and currently shows increasing support.

In June, all members of the SAMO Team agreed and locked their shares with gradual quarterly releases over the next 12 months. 

Samoyedcoin has demonstrated one of the fastest recoveries in the whole network again and again, and the user base is steadily growing. Currently, there are around 16000 token holders.

Tools and Solutions

Samo Airdrop Tools

It is no secret that the Solana Network is still very developer-oriented. As a result, user experience is still not the main priority. Samo Airdrop Tools were created to fill the void and provide the much needed comfort when handling Solana in the CLI.

It’s a selection of scripts particularly useful for bulk airdrops. They enable fetching lists of any token holders or mints with min, max, or random distributions and performing flat or proportional airdrops. The scripts were well received and are already one of the most used toolsets in the Solana ecosystem, with over a dozen code forks. 

The tools can be found on the Samoyedcoin Github Repository, along with all of the documentation.


SamoTIPS was designed as an easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate solution for websites that enables you to deploy a “tipping” jar that supports your cause and/or work. In its current released state, SamoTIPS is a lite version created for the Solana Season Hackathon. It is being developed further to support full direct integration into various platforms to enable native tipping without users ever leaving their platform.

SamoTIPS Generator is an accompanying tool that enables everyone to generate an HTML embed code they can use to set up a tipping portal of their own. It features a few formats to choose from and direct iframe or button to popup options if those are preferable. The solution can be implemented on any page that supports HTML embeds.


The custom solution over the standard Serum DEX GUI includes some unique features and capabilities. The design is an expanded basic Serum GUI that makes trading more approachable and fun to use.

SamoDEX is capable of providing additional trading info for any pair listed on Bonfida. This includes charts as well as historical data. Additionally, SamoDEX uses its dedicated RPC endpoint, powered by their partner GenesysGo (Solana Validator)

Having a dedicated endpoint is essential for the stability of the DEX, which in turn leads to fewer errors and market load failures one would typically encounter due to the congestion. This solution is entirely scalable, and the team will continue to implement more features in the future.

SAMO is here to stay. Good dog.

Although Samoyedcoin started out as a memecoin, the opportunities and ideas presented after the launch led to a massive team expansion. The team built a complete functioning structure that covers all the aspects for future growth. With firm plans to further upgrade all current solutions as well as develop new ones. Solana Community recognizes that the Samoyedcoin Team is here to stay and our cutest ambassador will continue to be your guide dog in the world of Solana Network and DeFi.

“Building the crypto community requires a digital transformation at its core, and the entry point to the crypto space is relatively complicated for new users. We see this as an opportunity to educate the community about blockchain technology while striving to build strong foundations for the rapidly approaching future.” – from the team at Samoyedcoin.  

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