Solana Summer: Soldex & SOLX Explained

People have been trading stocks and forex using bots for some time. However, if you think automatic trading is only applicable to these investments, there’s more for you discover. The crypto market has just welcomed a new trading platform that some say might revolutionize blockchain – Soldex AI. 

Launched in July 2021, Soldex is a crypto platform that uses artificial intelligence to allow users to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies automatically. The three main components of Soldex’s AI are market data analysis, market risk prediction, and buying/selling digital assets. For new traders and investors who want to get exposed to cryptocurrencies but don’t have enough knowledge on the technical aspects of trading, they can use Soldex’s AI to trade crypto. 

But that’s just one of the more outstanding things about Soldex. On top of that, the application is built on Solana, which means it is more scalable, efficient, and faster than Ethereum and other similar smart contracts platforms. Solana is currently changing how ecosystems work on the blockchain and with its network, decentralized applications can now do things better than those experiencing limitations and bottlenecks on the Ethereum. Fortunately, Soldex is one of the projects benefiting from the improved Solana blockchain technology. With this, users can take advantage of the improvements and developments. 

Soldex is permissionless, offers community governance, has incentivized liquidity (on top of automatic trading), supports real-time transactions, and has a user-friendly interface. 

With its features and financial services, the project aims to further open up the space to newbies who can enjoy the platform without too much hassle. Also, since there is no KYC requirement on peer to peer platforms, anyone can join the platform with a digital wallet. Just connect your wallet and you will be able to enjoy the benefit of automatic trading. 

Introducing SOLX 

Soldex’s native token is SOLX. There is an ongoing private sale for this token for those who wish to invest before the ICO. You can visit Soldex’s official website for more information about the sale and how you can buy.

It is is important to note that AAX is neither involved in the private sale. This article is for information purposes only, to highlight ongoing developments on Solana.

Why Soldex? 

Soldex has a few unique features worth mentioning that you can easily distinguish from other decentralized exchanges: 


Whether you’re a small or big investor, Soldex is open to anyone who wants to participate. You can go to the platform at any time and do activities such as trading, providing liquidity, and staking.

With Soldex, you won’t need to meet specific requirements to join the craze. Its permissionless feature makes anyone qualify to engage in trading activities.

Community Governance

Not all decentralized exchanges offer investors the chance to participate in community governance. What makes this DEX different? With community governance, you can vote on which investment projects to support. If you have enough staked for participation, you will be able to inflence decisions for Soldex.

Incentivised Liquidity

Soldex offers incentivized liquidity. What does this mean? This decentralized exchange protocol allows investors to provide liquidity in exchange for reasonable yield at the end of their chosen terms. Investors’ money is put into a liquidity pool and locked for a certain period so that the network can use the funds for the project’s intended purpose. Once the period has lapsed, the investor can collect their investment plus interest.

Real-time Transactions

Since Soldex is built on Solana, it’s faster than most other decentralized exchanges. You can experience real-time transactions, can conveniently deposit using your exchange wallets and make light-speed swaps.

Ecosystem Foundation Layer

Soldex aims to serve as an ecosystem foundation. With this protocol, you can invest in as many assets as you want and potentially earn from them. Whether you are a new investor or looking for a more rewarding protocol on the blockchain, Soldex makes it easy to start.

No KYC requirement

Usually, trading platforms require users to submit their valid IDs and bank details before they can start trading. With Soldex, this is not needed. Your privacy is protected while your money is kept safe.

User-friendly interface

Last but not least is the user-friendly interface of Soldex. For new users, decentralized exchanges might be a bit of a headache to explore. Since there is no sign-in button, investors are required to connect their exchange wallet to start making transactions. Soldex has a pretty simple interface. A user will not get lost on the platform as every instruction is straightforward.

Want to learn more about Soldex? Visit Soldex’s official website.

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