OTC: A quick guide

If you want to learn how to buy or sell cryptocurrency in exchange for fiat on AAX’s OTC platform, this guide is for you.

A simple overview of the OTC on the AAX app

How to place an order on AAX’s OTC?

Step 1
Select the currency and fill in the amount you want to order, or select the offer that meets your needs.

Step 2
Once you’ve placed your order, you can find the details on the next page. It is crucial that you make your payment within 15 minutes – otherwise, your order will be canceled.

On this page, you can also contact the merchant you’re trading with.

Step 3
Once you’ve made your payment, please re-confirm that you have paid.

Step 4
After you’ve paid and confirmed, you can check your order details again. If a problem arises, you can click ‘Dispute’. Once the transaction is completed, you will be led to a final confirmation page.



  • I’m an Indian, want to have the knowledge of investing and trading. I m very happy to find AAX and hope to have a proper knowledge of trading from your side.

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