Using the Calculator When Trading Futures on AAX

Using the Calculator When Trading Futures on AAX

Understanding the futures interface on any exchange makes it easier for you to trade. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the calculator when trading futures on AAX.

AAX is a great exchange to trade cryptocurrency futures. You can select from several futures pairs, including BTC/USD, ETH/USD and BTC/USDT with up to 100x leverage. 

The user interface makes it easier to trade. There is a chart on the left, an order book in the middle, and a trading panel on the right. At the top right of the interface is the calculator, a part of the trading panel.

How To Use The Calculator When Trading Futures

The calculator icon can be found next to the panel title ‘Place an Order’. Click on it. 

The calculator can be used to calculate your profit and loss, closing price if you have a certain target, and the liquidation price. You will be able to enter with how much leverage you’ve traded, your entry price, and in the above example, you’d fill it in a closing price to see how much profit that would yield. 

In this example, we can see that having opened a position with 11236.2 as our entry price, for 100 contracts traded with 10x leverage, would yield us an ROE of 10.12%, or 11.38 USDT, if we were to exit our position at 11350.

This tool is very helpful to set target or to determine how you want to set up your Take Profit / Stop Loss.

Trade with AAX

AAX is the world’s first digital asset exchange to be powered by LSEG Technology. Offering OTC, spot, and futures, it provides a highly secure, deeply liquid and ultra-low latency trading environment; and a meeting point between crypto and global finance. 

Open an account with AAX, or download the app, and experience the next generation crypto exchange.


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